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Additional Expert Strata Services

Beyond our standard strata management service offerings we offer some expert additional services that can be performed for your strata scheme.

Below is a basic overview of some of the additional expert skills that we have in-house which we are able to offer your strata scheme.

Strata Scheme By-Laws
What are they?

In relation to strata schemes (both commercial and residential), by-laws are rules and regulation that owners and occupiers of the strata schemes must adhere to.

Strata by-laws are established and registered when the strata scheme is first built. Their aim is to ensure harmony within the strata scheme.

Strata by-laws vary from strata scheme to strata scheme. Some of the things that they cover may include; pets, renovations, air conditioning, resident behaviour, visitor parking.

How can we help?

Strata by-laws can be very intricate, our expert strata managers can help your strata scheme navigate the complexities.

  • Setup, it is extremely important to get strata by-laws right from the outset.
  • Rectification, we can help rectify issues with your existing strata by-laws.
  • Management, ensuring compliance of existing strata by-laws.
Strata Scheme Defect Rectification
What is it?

Building defects are faults that are caused during (or as a result of) the original construction process of your strata scheme. Building defects come in many forms, they include; water leaks, cracks in walls, roofing and guttering faults.

How can we help?

It is important that you act quickly and efficiently when dealing with building defects.

Our expert Strata Managers can assist you strata scheme by;
  • Providing expert strata defect advice and direction
  • Guiding your strata scheme through the strata defect process
  • Engaging third party experts e.g. engineers, consultants.
  • Dealing with contractors
  • Working with lawyers to ensure accountability is held by the appropriate parties
  • Lodge complaints at the Office of Fair Trading
  • Management building defects dispute within the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy tribunal (CTTT).
  • Providing status updates
Strata Scheme Contract Negotiations
What are they?

Strata contract negotiations involve undertaking discussions with vendors to produce a beneficial outcome for the Owners Corporation.The final output of the negations is a legally binding, fair contract between the vendor and the owner’s corporation.

Examples of contracts that apply to your strata scheme may include; cleaning, building management, energy suppliers and lift maintenance.

How can we help?

Our commitment to competitive pricing extends beyond our own charges and fees.It extends to everyone that we engage on behalf of your strata scheme.

We can assist your Strata scheme by;
  • Contract negotiation obtaining best value for money contracts for your strata scheme
  • Managing contract terms and durations
  • Supplying contract options
  • Recommending proven and trusted contractors
Strata Scheme Project Management
What is it?

Strata projects are unique endeavours that have a defined start and end point and produce a unique outcome.

Strata projects can be as small as changing the colour scheme of your building to as large as refurbishing all common property within the building.

How can we help?

Our internal Project Manager holds both Prince2 and PmBok qualifications and has many years’ experience working on large complex projects.

We can assist your strata scheme by;
  • Providing expert strata advice to the project
  • Managing and controlling the project schedule
  • Managing and controlling the project budget
  • Managing and controlling project quality and scope
  • Managing project stakeholders
  • Managing project resources
  • Providing status updates
  • Controlling risks and issues
Strata Scheme Easement Management
What is it?

A strata easement is a right, that permits a person to use or access land owned by another strata scheme.

Common types of easements in strata include; rights of way and service easements.

How can we help?
  • Dealing with existing easements, including contributions to the burdened lot, financial accounting and reporting
  • Shared maintenance of easements
  • General advice about the use of an easement, ownership and rights
  • Understanding and translating complex easement contracts
  • Assist in creating new easements
Website Access
What is it?
Online access via our secure webpage to:
  • Strata financial reports
  • Pay your levies
  • Online work order requests(PMI)
  • Online access to ocuments; Agendas, Minutes and Notices
  • Strata Building log (task workflow)
How could it apply to my Strata Scheme?

Easy access to information for your Executive Committee and Owners Corporation at a time and place that is convenient for them.

If you are an existing client you can login to our online access by clicking on the links on the left hand side of the screen.

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