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Our commitment to Best Practice

We continually seek to discover new and better ways of doing things within our business whilst ensuring we get the basics right each and every time.

Our promises to you
  • Ensure all correspondence is answered within 24 hours.
    (if a query cannot be answered a reply date will be provided).
  • All phone calls returned within 2 hours.
    (subject to business hours)
  • Work orders actioned within 2 hours.
    (Except emergency calls, which are actioned immediately).
  • A genuine interest in the affairs of the Owners Corporation.
  • Site inspections to ensure your Strata Manager is familiar with the operations of your building.
  • All Strata Managers focused on incomparable customer service.
  • A 24 hour emergency call service provided to all owners.

We understand that training is crucial to retaining and maintaining peak performance of our team and adds to our ability to move as quickly as our industry does. The benefits of providing highly proficient employees to our clients are enormous. We have a defined strategy in place which ensures our people receive the ongoing training they need to stay on top of their game.


Whelan Property Group understands that our communication, particularly our written communication with owners is a reflection of our professional standards. With this in mind we are meticulous in providing and distributing clear, accurate, unambiguous communications well within the timeframes as stipulated by the “Strata Schemes Management Act, 1996”.

We continually review and update our in house templates to ensure we remain best in class.


We have options to suit your Strata Scheme.

Fixed price (all inclusive disbursements) or pay as you go disbursements. For example you could structure your fees so you know exactly how much your photocopying, postage and faxing of Levies, Agendas and Minutes is going to cost up front OR you could opt to have the amount calculated at the time the disbursement is incurred.

Our non-standard Strata Management Agreement methodology allows for configuration and amendments based on the specific needs and requirements of your building. All agreements are written in plain English and do not contain confusing or misleading clauses.


Whelan Property Group continually invests in high quality technology solutions - this help provide us with a substantial competitive advantage in the Strata Management industry.

This investment has allowed us to achieve internal efficiencies (such as remote access to email and paperless archives) and has reduced business risk by ensuring that our owners information is secure and protected from the outside world and any potential catastrophic event.

We are pleased to be able to offer our owners online access to Agendas, Minutes and their Financial reports via a secure online portal.

We ensure that all of the technology we use is tried and tested before asking our clients to place any reliance on such.

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Residential strata management

Head Office

Whelan Property Group Pty Ltd
277 Pyrmont Street,

TEL: (02) 9219 4111
Facsimile: (02) 9281 9915


Grd Flr, Shop 2,
460 Church Street,

TEL:(02) 8964 8708
Facsimile: (02) 9281 9915

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