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Whelan Property Group specialises in the strata management of commercial offices, retail spaces and mixed use strata schemes.

We have a proven track record

Our commercial strata management experience is spread across Sydney, from large retail and office complexes in the heart of the city, too smaller factory complexes in the suburbs.

We will work effectively and proactively with your owners (and if applicable your Building Manager) to ensure that you achieve maximum return for your commercial property investment.

Our office is located within a mixed use strata scheme (offices/retail/residential). From a personal perspective we truly understand the range of dynamics involved.

Commercial Strata management can impact your business

We appreciate that how well your commercial strata scheme is managed can have a direct impact on your employees and your customers.

Some of the initial things we will review for you are:

  • What are the first impressions of your strata scheme saying about your business?
  • Is your commercial strata scheme tidy, graffiti and rubbish free?
  • Is the visitor parking available for your customers or being abused by other tenants?
  • Are the windows, foyers, lifts and other common property areas clean and tidy?

If your commercial property is an investment, the sorts of tenants that you are able to attract and retain can be directly impacted by your strata management services.

Our goal in the commercial strata management of your property is to aid in increasing the value of your commercial strata property.

All of our Commercial Strata Managers are well equipped to deal with
  • Strata scheme accounting - including levies, budgeting, invoices and reporting.
  • Strata Scheme meetings - convene, hold, minute and attend all required strata meetings.
  • Preventative maintenance programs.
  • Day to day works - Engaging with trades people to arrange quotes and works.
  • Strata Projects – managing large strata projects.
  • Strata legislation – including by-laws, legal requirements and regulations.
  • Strata insurance - claims and renewal.
  • Appropriate strata bodies – liaise with third parties e.g. CTTT, Department of Fair Trading.
  • Financial records - Assist auditors and tax agents.
  • Negotiation – ability to achieve win-win scenarios
  • Defects - Deal with building defects.
  • Easements - Deal with complicated easements.
  • Contracts – achieve value for money contracts.
  • Keys – maintain key registers and physical keys.
  • Strata data storage – Maintain the strata roll, keeping of books and records.

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