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Q:. How do I request a repair to my unit?

A. All requests must be submitted to your Strata Manager in writing. This may be either via email or fax. If you are a tenant, the request must come from your Property Manager.

Q: How do I update my postal address or advise of a new Property Manager?

A. Your request must be submitted to our office in writing, either via email or fax. Once our systems are updated, you will be advised accordingly.

Please use your online access to obtain a copy of our Owner Information Update form, or alternatively call our office for a copy.

Q: Can I be elected as an Executive Committee Member at any time?

A. The Executive Committee is appointed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for your scheme. Should a Committee member leave the Committee, you may be nominated by an existing Committee member.

Q: How many people are generally on an Executive Committee?

A: It will vary depending on your building - the maximum number allowed is nine (9).

Q: Where can I find details to pay my strata levies?

A. You can find information about payment methods on the bottom of your levy notice. It is possible to pay your levies online or via cheque.

Q: Can I pay my levies on my credit card via telephone?

A: Yes, you can pay your levies via the telephone option through the DEFT payment systems (PH: 1300 301 090). There are many other options available through the DEFT system; all options are outlined on the bottom of your levy notice.

Please note that we are unable to process a credit card payment over the phone at our office.

Q: Why have I been charged interest on my levies?

A: If you do not pay your levies within 30 days after the due date, 10% interest is charged on the outstanding amount as per the “Strata Schemes Management Act 1996”.

Q: What is our general email address?


Q: Someone has been parking in my car space, what do I need to do?

A: As car spaces are private property, it is an owner’s responsibility to find and notify the owner of the vehicle and request they move it. If the owner cannot be found then the police will need to be notified.

Q: How can I obtain an additional/replacement key/swipe/garage remote for my building?

A: If you are an owner you must place your request in writing to our office. If you are a tenant, the written request must come from your agent or owner.

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