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Strata Accounting With Accuracy and Integrity

Our strata accounting team is world class by just about every industry standard! The team is dedicated to providing accurate and timely strata accounting services including;

  • Establishing and maintaining trust accounts
  • Strata TAX and BAS returns
  • Strata financial reporting
  • Assisting auditors
  • Strata invoicing
  • Strata levy collection
  • Debt collection

The team is bound by an internal code of ethics; which above all else embodies accuracy and integrity. We pay all strata invoicing daily (unless an alternative payment schedule is arranged with your strata scheme). Daily payment of strata invoices allows for up to date financial reporting to be available to your strata scheme.

Our strata accounting technology is advanced and allows for up to date online access to strata financial records for your owners.

Over the years, and with the support of our business, the strata accounting team has gained many tertiary qualifications. These qualifications are coupled with best in class strata accounting processes and procedures. The strata accounting team understands that their contribution to the efficient running of your strata scheme is essential.

Strata Administration

We understand that our strata administration team is the ‘breeding ground’ for the next generation of Strata Managers. It is our goal to ensure that they are given a solid foundation to build their strata management skills upon. The team is energetic and enthusiastic to provide our clients with a superior level of strata management customer service.

The back office of our organisation is just as important to us as the front office. Without the dedication of our strata administrators, we would not be able to live up to our vision of providing each and every client with best in class strata management service. Some of the tasks that the strata administration team undertake include;

  • Client communication, verbal and written
  • Strata management data entry
  • Filing, photocopying and archiving
  • Working with trades, managing work orders
  • Managing strata scheme key registers

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