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We manage strata schemes throughout Sydney / NSW and will tailor you a package to suit the needs of

We offer all of the general Strata Management services that our main competitors offer, just in a superior way.

Our Strata Management expertise includes:

  • Trust/Strata accounting
  • Sinking Fund and Administration budgeting
  • Contractor Engagement, contract negotiation and administration
  • By-law administration
  • Defect Management
  • Issuing, tracking and chasing unpaid Strata Levies
  • Administration of Meetings
  • Correspondence folders, common seals, key registers and Strata Rolls
  • Arranging Building Valuations, Occupational Health and Safety reports, Auditors and Insurance
  • Project Management
  • Insurance claims
  • Management of major works
  • Advice on sustainability and energy efficiency measures
  • Conflict resolution, mediation and dispute services

How we do it better than anyone else
  • Not overcharging for exceptional service.
  • Partnering with our Owners Corporations and Executive Committees. Matching the right Strata Manager to your scheme.
  • Thoroughly understanding the building and the dynamics of its owners – being a part of the team.
  • Tailoring packages to suit your building, not pushing what suits us; understanding and acting upon your specific needs.
  • Providing utmost care and transparency in our financial management.

We apply the same principles in running your Strata Scheme that we use to run our own business. Acting with the highest level of transparency and ethical practice, utilising the very best software, paying careful attention to detail, respecting the value of your dollar and applying expertise and understanding to the numbers which can only be gained from years of experience.

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Residential strata management

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Whelan Property Group Pty Ltd
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TEL: (02) 9219 4111
Facsimile: (02) 9281 9915


Grd Flr, Shop 2,
460 Church Street,

TEL:(02) 8964 8708
Facsimile: (02) 9281 9915

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