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Our Strata Managers

Our strata management team consists of a group of Strata Managers, with diverse personalities, experience and backgrounds. They are all exceptional Strata Managers, who uphold our company values and client commitments.

We carefully match our Strata Managers to their strata schemes; we understand that strata schemes at the most essential level are groups of people, not buildings. Every Owner’s Corporation and Executive Committee is unique.

What we look for in our Strata Managers:

Ethics – Doing the right thing in all instances.
Passionate – Loving what they do.
Professionalism – Delivering on our strata management service levels.
Proactive – Raising and actioning items before they become major issues.
Personable – Approachable, nice people that can communicate with a range of people.

We support our Strata Managers by:

  • Not overloading their portfolios.
  • Providing them with the very best in office facilities, technology and support staff.
  • Offering continued professional development training, performance incentives and promotion opportunities.
  • All of our Strata Managers have direct access to and daily interaction with our Managing Director.

We have in-house specialist skills

We have Strata Managers that specialize in; mixed use strata schemes, Community Associations, commercial strata schemes, Building Management Committees and industrial strata schemes. These Strata Managers intimately understand the eccentricities and distinctive issues that arise with these sorts of schemes.

All of our Strata Managers are well equipped to deal with:

  • Owner and Executive Committee communication.
  • Strata scheme accounting - including levies, budgeting, invoices and reporting.
  • Strata Scheme meetings - convene, hold, minute and attend all required strata meetings.
  • Preventative maintenance programs.
  • Day to day works - Engaging with trades people to arrange quotes and works.
  • Strata Projects – managing large strata projects.
  • Strata legislation – including by-laws, legal requirements and regulations.
  • Strata insurance - claims and renewal.
  • Appropriate strata bodies – liaise with third parties e.g. CTTT, Department of Fair Trading.
  • Financial records - Assist auditors and tax agents.
  • Negotiation – ability to achieve win-win scenarios
  • Defects - Deal with building defects.
  • Easements - Deal with complicated easements.
  • Contracts – achieve value for money contracts.
  • Keys – maintain key registers and physical keys.
  • Strata data storage – Maintain the strata roll, keeping of books and records.

We always act in accordance with our agreement with your scheme and under the direction of the Executive Committee.

The large majority of our Strata Managers are fully licensed by the Department of Fair Trading and some hold personal memberships with the Strata Community Association (SCA).

Request a quote today and we will put you in touch with one of our fabulous Strata Managers who will contact you to discuss your specific strata management needs.

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